Danfoss Thermostatic Expansion Valve 

Danfoss-TE2-T2-SeriesT 2/TE 2 Series with exchangeable orifice

T 2/TE 2 thermostatic expansion valves are used for liquid injection into evaporators on both refrigeration and air conditioning systems using fluorinated refrigerants. T 2/TE 2 is supplied with an interchangeable orifice assembly for easy stocking and service.

Features :

Large evaporating range : -60 to 10°C.

  • Equally applicable to freezing, refrigeration and air conditioning plant.

Interchangeable orifice assembly :

  • Easier stocking.
  • Easy capacity matching.
  • Better service.

Rated capacities from 0.5 to 22.3 kW (for R22).

Can be supplied with MOP (Maximum Operating Pressure).

  • Protects the compressor motor against excessive evaporating pressure.

Patented double contact bulb :

  • Reliable and fast installation
  • Good heat transfer from pipe to bulb.

Flare or solder connections.