About RAT


10th March, 1989


We live in a world where more people are demanding air conditioned homes and buildings while the price of energy is escalating as well as concern for the environment. In addition to making people comfortable, conditioned / cooled air is essential to operations involving high tech manufacturing, hospitals, food processing and many other industries.

At RAT, we provide HVAC systems and products responsive to these modern realities, while ensuring maximum energy efficiency delivery.

For a period spanning over 25 years, RAT has serviced the needs of the HVAC industry in South India

Using all of our experience, expertise and industry knowledge acquired over the past 25 years we have gained a reputation within the industry for satisfying and exceeding customer’s requirements, particularly in the area of supplying quality products and providing sound technical advice.

RAT History, A story in the making

Over the past 25 years, RAT has grown as a value creator, continually adapting to customer needs and offering HVAC products and technical solutions. RAT’s history of continuous growth is not only a reflection of who we are but also of the company’s uncompromising dedication to delivering customer satisfaction. We remain proud of who we are and what we have achieved, but know that there’s always more to achieve.

Mission, Values and Vision

Our Team

Meet the RAT team

Pradeep Dugar
Pradeep DugarManaging Director
Dilip Bothra
Dilip Bothra Director
Sunny Dugar
Sunny DugarDirector