Suniso Mineral Oil

Suniso mineral oils have been specially prepared to withstand the high speeds and low temperatures encountered in modern refrigerating and air conditioning compressors. The oil is nearly completely dry, having less than 30 parts of water per million parts of oil.

Suniso Mineral Oil Features:

  • Chemical Stability – to resist chemical reaction with the refrigerant or any other material normally present in the system.
  • Thermal Stability – to eliminate excessive carbon deposits at compressor hot spots such as valves or discharge ports
  • Low Wax Content – to prevent separation of flocculent material from the oil-refrigerant mixture at the low temperature points in the system.
  • Low Pour Point – to prevent separated oil from congealing in refrigerant lines
  • High Dielectric Strength – to ensure good insulating properties. In hermetic units, the oil-refrigerant mixture serves as an insulator between the motor and the compressor body.
  • Proper Viscosity – even when diluted with refrigerant so as to ensure high film strength at elevated operating temperatures and while providing good fluidity under coldest operating conditions
  • No Contamination – to prevent scarring of bearing surfaces, plugging of lines or oil ports and general deterioration
Suniso Grade Container Size
3GS 4 Litre
4GS 4 Litre
5GS 4 Litre