Danfoss Thermostatic Expansion Valve


TE 20  Series with exchangeable orifice

TE 20 thermostatic expansion valves are used for liquid injection into evaporators on both refrigeration and air conditioning systems using fluorinated refrigerants. TE 20 is supplied as a parts program with a wide range of valve bodies. The exchangeable power element is produced with the well known Danfoss laser welding technology for extended lifetime capability.

  • Large operating range : –60 °C to +10°C.
  • Interchangeable orifice assembly.
  • Stainless steel power element, capillary tube and bulb.
  • Wide capacity range.
  • Versions with MOP function is available.
  • Superior charge performance.
  • Patented bulb strap design.
  • MWP up to 28 bar.
  • Wide capacity range to minimize capacity gap and overlap.