Hongsen Solenoid Valve (EVR Series)

  • Hongsen solenoid valve (EVR) is a direct-operated or servo-operated valve,which is applicable to one direction flow.
  • Hongsen solenoid valve (EVR) is used on the liquid, suction or hot vapour piping of a freezer, cold store and air conditioning unit.
  • The valve seat of Hongsen Solenoid Valve (EVR) is well sealed with perfect sealing performance.
  • Model EVR solenoid valves with various voltage solenoids are available and the valve body is universal.
  • Both packed and separated Model EVR solenoid valves are available, which means the valve body could be supplied separately from the solenoid.

Hongsen Solenoid Valve Features:

  • Only NC type solenoid valve is available.
  • The max. design temperature is 105℃.
  • 100-mesh filter is contained at the suction end, which is replaceable.
  • 10W high power solenoid and max. operating pressure differential
  • (MOPD) is 2.5 MPa.
  • It is applicable for various applications in freezer, cold store and air conditioning unit.
  • The max. size of flare connection is 3/4 in.
  • The max. size of welded connection is 9/8 in.
  • The solenoids with various power supply are available.
  • The clamped joint solenoid is easy to be mounted or dismounted only with one screwdriver.
  • The sealed solenoid has a long service life and it can be used even in an adverse circumstance.

Technical Parameters:

Applicable Refrigerant HCFC or HFC
Applicable Medium Temperature -25℃ to +105℃
Applicable Ambient Temperature of Solenoid -25℃ to +80℃
Standard Voltage of Solenoid AC380V, AC220V/50Hz
Allowable Voltage Fluctuation for Solenoid +10% to -15%
Connection of Solenoid IP67 with terminal box