Sporlan Thermostatic Expansion Valve

F Series Expansion Valves

The valve body is made of brass bar and its exterior can adjust the flow rate of the valve, especially for R-22 air conditioning systems and refrigerating devices of small refrigeration capacity.

The inlet connection has removable 100-mesh filter screen (only for SAE connection). The materials of the valve is made of bar and stainless steel (ODF connection materials are red copper). The valve can prevent rust and corrosion by the greatest extent. The connector is welded with valve body by high strength silver welding, capable of preventing leakage permanently. The sensing elements are sealed with advanced knife-tightening technology. It is both artistic and free of leakage. The valve needle is precisely aligned with valve port to avoid influencing the operation of the valve due to the large variation of pressure drop, which can offer an accurate control under the working condition of great variation. The sensing elements No. is 43 knife-tight connection.

S Series Expansion Valves

This Sporlan Expansion Valve also adopts a brass body and is able to adjust flow capacity . This Sporlan Expansion Valve makes use of the huge and flat stainless steel film and the design of needle valve base, making needle valve match correctly with valve port and keeping good tightness between them. This Sporlan Expansion Valve is known to provide optimum performance for air conditioners and various refrigerating equipment. The welded tube and valve body both adopt high strength silver welding, so as to further prevent the leakage of valve body. The sensing elements No. is 83 Knife-tight connection