Halogen leak detector HLD-100+

The HLD-100+ is the most reliable negative corona halogen leak detector at present. The sensitive elements adopt the advanced and reliable corona refrigerant sensor which has great sensitivity and excellent repeatability; The test program is controlled by the artificial intelligent microcomputer, with reasonable work procedure, easy and convenient to operate, complete functions and multiple self-adaptive capabilities; Dual-color LED indicator light, with visual and clear display; smart and portable design is convenient for your mobile operation.

HVAC_Halogen leak detector HLD-100

Technical features :

  • Adopt advanced, low power consumed, eight-bit microprocessor controller
  • Dual-color LED indicator light with progressive and real time display
  • Sensitivity adjustable, seven level alarming indicated by LED display
  • Modular sensor, convenient for maintenance
  • Seven levels audible and visual alarm
  • Auto reset testing when the detector is turned on
  • Battery level indication