HONGSEN Digital Manifold Gauge Set

  • Connection : 1/4 SAE Flare
  • Refrigerant : R12, R22, R23, R134a, R290, R404A, R407C, R410A
  • Temperature Range : -55 to 125℃
  • Pressure Range : -0.1 to 4.2 MPa(Gauge Pressure)

HONGSEN Digital Manifold Gauge Set Features –

  • The shell adopts soft and comfortable design, which provides comfortable handling and high shock resistance.
  • Large screen, multi-angle, big-font LCD and backlight design make it clear in displaying, convenient in observing. It can also be used in weak ambient lighting conditions.
  • High precision pressure sensor and digital temperature sensor greatly improve the accuracy and precision.
  • Micro power electronic component design greatly enhances the life of battery.
  • Contains 36 kinds of refrigerant parameters.
  • Dual channel RT measurement can work out the superheat and supercooling.
  • Multi – mode option can be used in vacuum measurement, pipe leak detection and routing maintenance
  • Different pressure unit(MPa, kPa, bar, psi), temperature unit(℃, ℉)can be switched freely to meet the usage requirement.
  • It switches off automatically when the pressure is overloaded.
  • The valve body is made of high quality aluminum alloy