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Imperial Flaring Kit



Imperial Flaring Tool 437 FB

This imperial flaring tool is used for soft copper, aluminum and brass tubing. Hardened steel, chrome finished cone makes exceptionally smooth, high-strength flares with a radius at base of flare – instead of the sharp angle formed by ordinary tools. Slip-on yoke of the flaring tool permits use in tight quarters, allows flaring where there is little space between nut and tube end. New feed screw design provides smooth, easier operation. Positive gripping and self-gauging of tube for exact flare size. Sliding die blocks of this imperial flaring tool lock in place by clamp action. Satin chrome and black finish is provided for this flaring tool.


Imperial Flaring Tool  SX 342

Unique, self-adjusting, tube holding mechanism permits flaring any size tubing within the range of 3/16” to 5/8” (4.75 mm to 16 mm) O.D. Innovative, single-opening design is more compact and easier to use than conventional multi-opening flaring bars. Faceted, hardened steel, chrome finished cone rolls out and burnishes perfect 45° flare above the tube-holding mechanism reducing need for deburring. Original wall thickness is maintained at base of flare. Slip-on self-centering yoke of this particular flaring tool permits use in tight quarters. Large handle, with better leverage, and precision threads on feed screw of this imperial flaring tool make flaring effortless. High quality construction with satin chrome and black finish.


Imperial Flaring Tool

This imperial flaring tool flares 7 sizes of tubing. Rugged forged steel slip-on yoke and hardened flaring bar. Positive clamping action of bars prevents tube slippage. Self-centering yoke with swivel-type, hardened steel, chrome finished flaring cone forms better flares with less effort. Design of yoke on this imperial flaring tool permits flaring where there is little space between nut and tube end. Satin finish nickel chrome plated.