Copeland Reciprocating Compressor

For over 30 years, and now with an installed base of more than 50 million, the Copeland® CR family of compressors is the leader in reciprocating performance. The CR series is the industry’s best-selling reciprocating compressor trusted by contractors and manufacturers for its proven track record of efficiency and reliability. With its broad range of air-conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration applications, it has been widely accepted and has become a staple in the industry. With the release of the new R-134A / R-404A based KCM series and the versatility of the CR model line-up, customers have several technology choices to meet their ongoing needs.
A range of Fractional Horse Power (FHP) compressors and condensing units are manufactured by Emerson in India. These are applied in diverse products like bottle coolers, freezers, industrial applications, display cabinets, ice machines and low temperature applications in small retail.
The Copeland brand FHP compressors come in the KCE, KCN and KCJ series and are compatible with R-22, R-134a, R-404A and R-290 refrigerants. These products are also available in the FHP condensing unit offerings in the following ranges: 230V/50Hz/1 ph and 230V/60Hz/1 ph.
This high efficiency series is engineered for lower compressor sound and reduced discharge pulse to decrease system sound and vibration. It also offers industry leading levels of reliability, especially at higher ambient temperatures, which is a critical factor in warmer global climates.