Danfoss SM/SY Scroll Compressor

Danfoss SM/SY Scroll Compressors for Residential, Light Commercial & Commercial Air Conditioning and Heat Pump applications with R22.

The larger S-series SM, SY are for 3-phase power supply and dedicated for both single applications and manifolding.

  • Danfoss Scroll Compressor Series SM: Commercial Air Conditining, Mineral lubricant
  • Danfoss Scroll Compressor Series SY: Large commercial Air Conditioning, POE lubricant

Danfoss SM/SY Scroll Compressor Features :

  • Charged with Maneurop Mineral Oil 160P
  • Anti-Vibration mounts supplied
  • Rotalock service valves or angle adaptors sold seperately

Product Range Available :

SM 110 SY 240
SM 120 SY 300
SM 124 SY 380
SM 147
SM 148
SM 160
SM 161
SM 185

Factory made tandem units of SM/SY Danfoss scroll compressors for air conditioning and heat pump applications with R22 are also available. These units are charged with mineral lubricant.