Danfoss – NTZ Reciprocating Compressors

  • Danfoss – NTZ Reciprocating Compressors with polyolester oil for R404A & R507 at low evaporating temperature (LBP).
  • Extended evaporating temperature range, from -45°C to -10°C
  • True low temperature compressors, optimised at -35°C
  • Optimised efficiency
  • Accepts 20°C suction gas temperature

Danfoss – NTZ Reciprocating Compressor Features :

  • Charged with Maneurop Polyolester Oil 160PZ
  • Anti-vibration mounts supplied
  • Suction and discharge solder sleeves supplied
  • Fitted with oil sight glass and oil equalisation fitting
  • Rotalock service valves or angle adaptors sold seperately

Product range available :

NTZ 048, NTZ 068, NTZ 096…..upto NTZ 271