Danfoss SZ Scroll Compressor

Maneurop SZ Series
Maneurop scroll compressors cover a full range of capacities, perfect for any application from light commercial to large commercial systems.The SZ compressor models are suitable for R134a and R407C refrigerants and combine high energy efficiency with low sound and minimal vibration.

Danfoss SZ Scroll Compressor Features :

  • Charged with Maneurop Polyester Oil
  • Anit-vibration mounts supplied
  • Rotalock service valves or angle adaptors sold seperately

Product Range available :

SZ 110
SZ 120
SZ 148
SZ 160
SZ 161
SZ 185

Factory made tandem units of SZ Danfoss scroll compressors for Air Conditioning and Heat Pump applications with R407C or R134a are also available. These units are charged with POE lubricant.