Sporlon Liquid Line

MOISTURE — The Sporlon Liquid Line Catch-All Filter Drier removes moisture from the refrigerant by adsorbing and retaining it deep within the desiccant granules.

FOREIGN MATTER — The Sporlon Liquid Line Catch-All Filter Drier will filter out scale, solder particles, carbon, sludge, dirt, or any other foreign matter with negligible pressure drop. Fine particles that would go through an ordinary strainer are removed down to a minimum size in one pass filtration. The large filtering area of the Catch-All Filter Drier core permits it to collect a large amount of dirt without plug up.

OIL SLUDGE AND VARNISH — Even the best refrigeration oils break down to produce varnish, sludge, and organic acids. Only the Sporlon Liquid Line Catch-All Filter Drier is capable of removing these products of oil decomposition.

Features :

• Leakproof shell

• Solid copper sweat fittings

• Outlet safety filter

• A blend of desiccants for maximum moisture removal

• Lower end point dryness levels

• Maximum working pressure: 650 psi

• Compatible with refrigerants 12, 22, 134a, 404A, 407C, 410A, 502, 507

Sizes Available –

1/4’’ , 3/8’’, 1/2’’, 5/8’’, 7/8’’ , 1 1/8’’