Emerson Drier Cores

Filter drier cores remove moisture, acids, and debris from the system. Choosing the right filter drier core is essential to providing reliable, long-lasting system protection.

Emerson Desiccant blocks (D-48, UK-48, W-48, H-100) fit most competitive shell type filter-driers. These filter-drier blocks protect the compressor from soluble and solid contaminants. To ensure efficient clean-up results, they feature exceptional acid and wax removal capacities, plus superior moisture pickup.


  • Highest water capacity rating on the market today, thus keeping flow rates up together with filtration and system capacity to its optimum
  • Exceptional acid capacities for normal system protection or to effectively clean-up following a compressor burnout
  • Wax removal capabilities, if desired, for low temperature applications, or for complete clean-up following a compressor burnout (W Series)

UK-48 Special Features:

  • A balance of high water/acid capacity (75% molecular sieve/25% activated alumina) to keep HFC/POE systems at optimum conditions
  • Perfect for new refrigerants, POE oils and retrofit guidelines
  • Desiccant blend protects POE additives
  • 20 micron filtration reduces sludge caused by POE oils
  • Complies with Copeland’s recommendations for filter-driers on POE/HFC systems