Honeywell Thermostat T6800

Thermostat T6800
Thermostat T6800

Application :
T6800 digital thermostats are designed for application of 3-speed fan and valves in 2-pipe fan coil system.

Including :

  • 2-pipe cool only/heat only/manual changeover between heat and cool
  • Ventilation mode
  • Manual or automatic 3-speed fan control
  • Water valve control
  • Fan speed can be selected to automatic or manual 3-speed control mode.
  • In ventilation mode, fan only support manual speed control.

Features :

• Super modern appearance design, suitable for office, hotel and residential building

• Horizontal and vertical model available for variant application

• Slim design, direct installation on 86 size box

• Big LCD with English and icon display

• Easy to install and set-up

• Selectable room temperature or setpoint display

• Manual or automatic fan speed selection by button press

• Remote temperature sensor

• Energy saving mode activation by button press or dry contact (key card)

• Cycle per Hour (CPH) function

• Adjustment of display room temperature

• Temperature unit either degrees celsius or farheneit

• User setting can be kept when power off

• Freezing protection function available

• Lock or unlock keys or part of keys in Installer Set-up

• Heat and cool setpoint limitation for energy saving