Henry Vibration Eliminator

The function of a Henry Vibration Eliminator is to absorb compressor vibration. By installing a vibration eliminator, the risk of damage to system equipment and pipework is reduced.

Applications –

A vibration eliminator can be installed in both the suction and discharge lines of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

These Henry Vibration Eliminators are suitable for HCFC, HFC and CO2 refrigerants, along with their associated oils.

Henry Vibration Eliminator Features –
  • Proven design
  • Large hose ID
  • Stainless steel hose and braid
  • Stainless steel ferrules for superior strength
  • Helium leak tested
  • CE marked
  • UL listed (V series only)
Henry Vibration Eliminators are compatible with the following refrigerants :
  • R12
  • R22
  • R23
  • R134a
  • R404a
  • R407c
  • R410a