Patton “RW” Series Commercial Unit Coolers (Water defrost).

3 – 25 KW

Water defrost versions of the standard “R” Series. Ideal for medium to large commercial and industrial coolroom and freezer room applications utilizing refrigerants R404A/R507, R22/R407C and R134a. With a high efficiency, high air flow “HyBlade” fans these units are particularly suited to applications requiring high levels of air movement and rapid product pull-down. Higher efficiency EC fan motors are available on request.

– Medium and low temp room coolers

– 12 Models (RMW)

– 8 Models (RLW)

– 1 to 4 fans (450mm Ø)

50/60 Hz

Features :

  • High performance design provides maximum cooling and airflow capacity.
  • Light weight Stucco aluminium casings.
  • Drop-down, reversible hinged drain tray.
  • Efficient external rotor motors. 450mm Ø (50/60 Hz).
  • 3/8″ Rifle bore tubes for optimized coil performance.
  • Factory fitted suction/liquid ‘Turbo’ heat exchnagers.
  • Venturi liquid refrigerant distributors for maximum versatility of refrigerants, and operating range.
  • Hinged panel doors each end for easy access to T.X valve, defrost heaters and pipework.

Applications :

The “RW” Series is the perfect unit where airflow and capacity are paramount. This medium and low temp unit cooler best suits larger commercial cool rooms and freezer rooms and is ideal for any situation requiring rapid pull-downs or high air flow characteristics. Used extensively in the kiwifruit industry for long term storage the “RW” Series gives exceptional performance.