Optyma™ Slim Pack

Optyma™ Slim Pack is the new cost effective outdoor solution. For medium temperature refrigeration applications, ranging from 2 to 7 HP (from 3.4 to 10.6 kW with R404A and from 2.1 to 6.7 kW with R134a). Suitable for cold, fermentation and storage rooms in all kinds of convenience stores or restaurants.

MBP evap. temperature range R404A / R507 from -20°C to +10°C; R134a from -15°C to +15°C.

Reliability, compactness and low cost make the Danfoss Optyma™ Slim Pack condensing unit an optimal cooling solution for cost effective refrigeration.

Available Range –
Optyma™ Slim Pack R404A / R507 MBP
Optyma™ Slim Pack R22 MBP
Optyma™ Slim Pack R134a MBP